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Been There, Done That – Learn From Experience

 September 29, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Chapter 2 of Hebrews continues the conversation established in chapter 1 with Jesus’ dominion over creation. Basically, he’s been there and done that. This chapter quickly brings us to the purpose of Jesus’ timeline here on earth.

First, the author establishes again that Jesus has authority over all creation. However, God made him lower than the angels for a short period of time to demonstrate God’s grace towards his children. He states that Jesus was made lower than the angels so he could suffer death as we must suffer. Then, God fulfills his promise and crowns him with authority over all things.

If he’s been there, why do I have to go?

At the risk of going on a soapbox, we must all die to our sin in order to enter the kingdom of God. Fortunately, due to Jesus’ sacrifice, the death to sin only requires our internal death and not our physical death. We must die to our sin through repentance and then we are authorized to accept the sacrifice he made for us.

On another note, the chapter ends by talking about how Jesus suffered and was tempted and that he was able to overcome all that he was faced with. Knowing that Jesus is on our side and he has already been there then we can lean on his strength and understanding. Much like our children do with our suffering and experience.

Real life application

Since Jesus has been there and done that, then we have freedom in our life! I don’t use that exclamation point lightly. Imagine walking into a brand new job and a veteran of the company has promised to be by your side and help you navigate the waters of learning a new skill. Most of us would jump on this opportunity. It is time we use our biblical resources as well.

Forget for a minute how were are to strive to be more like Jesus, and let’s focus on the power of knowledge and experience. Open up the conversation with God and ask him for the wisdom of circumstance and patience to endure. Bottom line, nothing can defeat us with Jesus on our side. Sure, it might send us to an early retirement, but is that really a bad thing?

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