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Autopilot Engagement Isn’t Expensive

 August 5, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Often times in projects or team management, we get drowned by the amount of money we think we must sink in, but getting to autopilot shouldn’t be. In this section of Start With Why by Simon Sinek, he tells us the story of the competition between the insane race to get man into the air.

He tells the story of Samuel Langley versus the Wright Brothers. To put it simply, Langley had all the financial resources he needed to discover flight while the Wright Brothers barely had two nickels to rub together. As history unfolds, Langley falls short and the famous brothers go down in our memory of first taking off. Of course there was not plane autopilot, but they managed to inspire their team to run that way. But how?

How to get to autopilot

As discussed in the last post, motivating your team can make or break a project. The Wright Bothers were not only able to motivate their team, but their entire community. So if they had no money to motivate people to get on board, what did they have that allowed them to ultimately win the race against Langley?

Simply put, they had a dream, but further, they were able to communicate that dream to others. People who had no college education or experience in engineering were able to come together and realize their dream. The Wright Brothers inspired their entire community to come together and support their dream. They truly believed in their passion and let everyone know it.

Real life application

Stop talking. Seriously, for a minute, stop talking about your dream and really dig into it. Ask yourself why you are so passionate about your dream and really come to an understanding of why. Many people have the same desire to achieve something, but few can communicate why their fire is so fueled. When you can spark a fire in someone else about your dream, then you know you are ready to bring people on board.

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