A Pen is Mightier Accountability Group

Want help with your writing? Join my accountability group today! 

Discover your why:

Do you love to write, but you struggle to sit down each day to practice your craft? 

Well, you are not alone.

Writing is one of the most vulnerable things a person can do. It requires one to bare their soul for the whole world to see and hopeful enjoy.

It is no wonder we struggle to practice our craft each day.

This accountability group is designed to encourage you to write each day and lean on other writers to help you overcome challenges.

My short story:

In February 2019, my family and I were snowed in and I couldn't make it to work for 2 weeks.

During that time I took care of the house and my wife worked her business. In that short time her business exploded and gave us the courage to allow me to pursue my passion as a writer. 

Shortly after, I joined Nicki Krawczyk's Comprehensive Copywriter's Academy

This academy launched me into my writing career and over a year later it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Accountability group details:

Our accountability group will serve 2 main purposes.

Each week we will connect via Zoom and have a round table where each writer will get 3 minutes to discuss what they wrote that week and 3 minutes to ask the group for a favor.

The group is limited to 10 writers to respect everyone's time. There are multiple days and times to choose from. 

I will track the favors on our own private Trello board. The Trello board will also be our form of communication, should we need it, during the week.

How to join:

Details coming soon. In the mean time, send me an email letting me know you are interested. 

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