Anxiety Builds as this Week Starts

 August 24, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

Does anxiety and stress hit you when you least expect it? Or maybe you expect it, but don’t know what to do with the increased tightness. Sometimes I will be peddling away along life’s stormy waters and it just hits me. I don’t have a chance to see it coming. One minute all is fun and happy, then the next my muscles tighten in my neck, my heart rate increases and it becomes difficult to catch my breath.

Here is the real challenging part; life doesn’t pause for me when these moment of anxiety attack. One would hope to escape and collect things and put them back in order to reduce the anxiety, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Emotionally, it feels like life actually takes it up a notch during these moments instead of chilling out for a bit.

Stress and anxiety is not the end of the world

Whatever the circumstance is that sent me into a mini panic attack is irrelevant and I need to continue to tell myself that. This morning I received 4 emails from Emily’s school outlining what school will look like this year during this pandemic. The first email was fine, but as I read each one and realized the responsibility that will be added to my plate the anxiety began to set in.

Zoom calls, different points of contact, and material pick up locations and times meant that I had to get organized real quick. I grabbed a dry-erase marker and went to our whiteboard to write down all the days and times she would have to be online. Unfortunately, while that helped some, it didn’t resolve my stress. I think it is time to take a harder look and find some better ways to deal with daily anxiety and stress.

My plan

As you may know, I am a bit of a planner. having a plan about my anxiety will help reduce overall stress in my life. As I type this sentence, my iWatch just told me to breathe. That is one step in my plan. I am curious, do you deal with anxiety? If so, I would love to know how you deal with it.

  1. Wake up each day and complete my morning routine.
  2. Breath when my app says to breath.
  3. Exercise each day, even if it means just a walk.
  4. Only have 1 cocktail at night and go to bed at a decent hour.

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Jonathan Biles

Jonathan Biles is a well-respected writer of fiction stories across the globe. He has worked with multiple publishing entities from print newspaper to Amazon Kindle. With a degree from The University of Idaho and print experience with Texas Tech University, he is sought after as a feature writer amongst his peer group. His readers rate him as a 5-star author and has won awards from Columbia University. As an author, he can transport you from daily chaos to worlds and adventures sure to entertain through his vivid imagery.

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