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Accountability Gone Wrong or Gone Right

 July 10, 2020

By  Jonathan Biles

In these trying times, we often lean on one another to keep accountability to serving God, but what if I told you accountability is not what you think it is? When I think of accountability, I think of a person who is willing to call me out on my crap when I lose focus or start to sway in a different direction. In my life, Jess is my main accountability partner. Hebrews 10, however, talks to a different kind of accountability.

In verse 24 of this chapter, the author of Hebrews challenges the Jewish Nation to provoke one another to love and good works. What? That makes no sense in my lizard brain. I assume provoking someone means you are agitating them to get a rise out of them. But how do we provoke someone to love and good works?

Accountability or provoking is there a difference?

I can’t confirm that the author had accountability on his mind, but I feel if you are capable of provoking someone to any emotion, then you hold a place in their life of importance. In an accountability relationship, the one who holds the other responsible is supposed to ensure that the other stays on the right track.

I submit to you today, that we put ourselves in the position of an accountability leader to everyone we know by following the advice in Hebrews. What would the world look like if we actively provoked someone to do good?

Real life application

“I dare you!”
“No, who cares? I’m not going to do that.”
“Okay, I double-dog-dare your.”
“Crap! There’s no going back now. I guess I have to go invite that struggling single mom and her kids to dinner.”

That is how it plays out in my mind. We have no problem daring each other to do stupid stuff for the internet to see. Some of the videos that go viral first usually involve a dare. So instead of daring people to do something ridiculous, let’s provoke each other to love.

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